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  • Welcome to our 'General' subforum

    Welcome to our 'general' subforum!

    In this subforum you can ask anything about everything that does not include technical questions. For those questions I would like to redirect you to the 'two stroke' or 'four stroke' sections.

    So here we will see a wide range of general ,scooterproject's aswel as optical and electrical questions/discussions

    For technical 2stroke discussion's you go here :

    For technical 4stroke discussion's you go here :

    New to scooter-freaks.nl?

    -Take your time to check out the forum, or to read some of the threads .

    -Are you new to the scooter scene and want to read some basic info? Try reading through one of our several FAQ's and how-to's.

    -If you want to participate in a discussion, or if you want to start a thread of your own, you can sign up to our forum here

    -If you don't speak dutch, but still want to read through the dutch part of this forum, the dictionary at the top of this subforum might help you understanding some of the dutch-spoken threads.

    -If you need a translator to read Dutch topic's ,read here

    -Are you new to our community? Please introduce yourself here

    If you haven't found what you were looking for in one of our FAQs, please feel free to start a new discussion with the other members of Scooter-Freaks.nl.

    Have fun
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