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  • Noob Questions!

    Hi guys,

    I am planning to get a second hand 2007 SYM scooter.

    First it has blue plates so I guess this means its 25km category less than 50cc and I can drive it on a bikepath without helmet. Is this correct?

    Second do you know how much the basic(cheapest ) insurance costs?

    Last the guy selling it told me it would start after several attemtps because it was still for a long time. I guess this is because of the battery needing replacement. Do you know how much it would cost to do a general service because I think it will need one.

    Thanks in advance sorry if my questions are too nooby for you!

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    Blue plate means 25 km/h, So far So good.

    Insurance, check The comparance websites

    If it has been standing stil for a while, clean out The carb, replace the sparkplug and check The tire pressure.
    Replace The fuel with New fresh fuel and try to start.
    Bereikbaar op patrick@scooter-freaks.nl