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Any Dutch competition?

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  • Any Dutch competition?

    Is there any dutch competition that can beat our 150 horsepower (you can barely call this a scooter). Show us your measurement with the horsepower stats. Please don't battle us with a drag race, because we can barely hold this heavy scooter.

    Video's are welcome.

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    I think this might be some good competition, just make dure you use a wheelie bar haha
    Puch zip type 3 / 2000
    Sp98/fastrider kappen gezocht


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      i checked the video out on YouTube, iknow this is an old topic..

      But damn, thats just awesome..

      Like your friends say to you : i got 70cc full mhr, want to drag race?
      You answer with : Sure, lets make a bet on it i win with my aerox.
      Friend says : Sure, lets do that.

      Loser will give he's scooter to the winner. ( Friend : Sure )

      Then you show up with that beast xD
      Yamaha Earox?

      Aerox bedoel je