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Should i get a Kymco or Piaggio?

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  • Should i get a Kymco or Piaggio?

    Hi, I wanna get a scooter but i really don't know anything about it. i've been searching on the internet and i found this kymco:
    Kymco Agility 12 Fat

    Cilinderinhoud: 49cc
    Motortype: 4-Takt
    Koeling: Lucht
    Tankinhoud: 5 Liter
    Remsysteem voor: Schijfrem
    Remsysteem achter: Trommelrem
    Bandenmaat voor: 120/ 70 x 12
    Bandenmaat achter: 130/70 x 12
    Gewicht: 92,5 kg.
    Afmetingen (LxB): 1830 x 690mm
    Starter: Elektrisch

    I like the design of this scooter but i don't know how good the quality is.

    I also found this Piaggio:
    piaggio Zip 4T mat zwart

    Type Lucht gekoeld, 4-takt, 1 cilinder
    Klasse: 25 en 45 km
    Smeersysteem Gescheiden
    Ontstekingsysteem CDI
    Startsysteem Elektrisch en kickstarter
    Versnellingsbak Automaat met V-riem
    Tankinhoud 7.5 liter
    Remmen 175mm & 110mm schijf en trommel
    Gewicht 83 kg

    I like better how the kymco looks but i have read that Piaggios are built with a better quality. So i don't know which of those is better?
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    I would go For the Kymco.

    Just because it is more easy to sup it up
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      Avoid the piaggio.. The quality was from the beginning just worse..
      Now its even more worser. Because of cutting costs.

      The engine parts on the kymco are easy to obtain, and compared with the piaggio engine parts a lot cheaper. (the quality of the kymco seems to be fine.)
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      Ik werk alleen aan kouwe motoren en hete vrouwen....