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    I am due to take a look at a Chinese scooter and on the phone I was told that the tank can only be half filled as it will otherwise flood the carburator. Apparently it was serviced and the mechanic took it apart, cleaned it, etc, but still the problem exist. Probably not a good mechanic looked at it??

    Now this scooter I am told is year 2009, 1500km on board with asking price of 400EURO. What do you guys think?

    Is it expensive to repair a carburator? Knowing this I can probably bring down the price to 300-350EURO. Thanks!

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    A new imitation carborator is about 50 euro.

    But you have to consider it's a Chinese scooter so the quality is not that good.


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      I have decided against it as many others have said on this forum that Chinese brands are not good.

      Also I had a more detailed look on MarktPlaats and you can get better brands for the same price - 400 Euro.

      I will take a look in a shop around Den Haag for one of these brands, second hand:

      Kymco Peugeot Vespa
      Gilera Yamaha Scooter Piaggio
      Sym aprilia Malaguti
      Derby HONDA


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        We are both from The neighborhood of den haag.
        I know few quality scooters for sale.
        Bereikbaar op patrick@scooter-freaks.nl


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          Hierbij wens ik alle mede forum leden een gezond en voorspoedig 2014 met veel veilige kilometers.


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            Don't go for Chinese brands, I'm not too sure about those. We had one over here,
            If the parts break, it'll be difficult to get proper spare parts. Same is true of pocket bikes. Parts are poorly designed, poorly made, and use inferior materials during the manufacturing process.
            That is the reason for the breakage. The parts break, and due to lack of parts, you ride sits in the garage collecting dust.


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              Thanks for a good post, this is really very helpful post.


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                Here is my question, I have been thinking about buying a scooter for quite some time but I`m trying to find something that would be the best combination of quality and price, may be you know this model right here https://autoportal.com/newbikes/tvs/jupiter/, do you it`d be fair to give such money for this model or there is something as cool as jupiter but cheaper? I`m not a professional would like to know your opinion, advise me something please!